The boy tore his clothes in front of his grandmother, started bathing with cold drink! Seeing his madness, people said- what does he want?

People make weird videos to go viral on social media. One such video is going viral. In this, a man from the village has done such clothes tearing acts that people also enjoyed a lot. Thousands of people have liked this video and given funny reactions. Most people are worried about his mental health. But this video has also been liked a lot.

In this video, a man comes out of a white sack behind an old lady sitting on a cot in a village in Pakistan and jumps over the grandmother (or granny) sitting on the cot and comes forward and starts dancing while tearing her clothes. After this, while dancing like a madman, he first picks up a bottle of Coca-Cola and starts pouring it on his head. Then he picks up a fire burning nearby and throws it away.

The man’s dance does not stop here, he again goes behind the cot and picks up a paper sheet from there and again jumps over the grandmother and comes in front and hits it on the ground and also picks up a plate and starts hitting it on the ground. After watching the video, a user first asked, “What did the doctor say? When will he get well?”

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