The blue bird was eating grains from the feeder, when it got trapped the person shared the picture, people asked, then how did it get free?

Many people on social media make such jokes to become famous or to make their posts viral. The man shared a picture of a blue European bird that got stuck while trying to enter the garden bird feeder. People asked a lot of questions on his picture and caption. They wanted to know how the bird was able to get free again?

Taking to Reddit, he shared a photo of the blue tit’s dilemma, which saw it sitting on top of seeds and have little room to move around. “Stupid bird!” he joked in a caption, before adding, “Yep, it was set free. Definitely going to be trapped for a while.”

Not surprisingly, it soon garnered comments and one person responded to the caption, saying, “Imagine if this was made of wood. That would be awesome if I had a joke for it too. Wooden bird?” Another joked, “Winnie the Pooh riddle, great you can eat as much as you want, but now you’re too fat to get out of the hole.”

Daft Tit.
byu/listerbmx inCasualUK

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