The bears here are becoming man-eaters, they have tasted human blood, people have named them Ninja bear

Japan’s ninja is famous as a martial art. But sometimes some unique things are also associated with ninja. In such a situation, when we hear anything about ninja bear, we feel a special kind of bear from Japan. For the last several months, the terror of these ninja bears is increasing in Japan. These bears have now started attacking humans as well and blood has got into their mouths, but the reason for this is no less strange.

Last year a giant ‘ninja bear’ was finally captured, having been attacking cattle for years. But cattle deaths have resumed and the once shy bears are now turning their terrifying attention to humans.

On Japan’s mountainous island of Hokkaido, a giant bear, measuring 7 feet 3 inches and called Oso18 by locals, was attacking farms and ripping out the insides of cattle. The attacks continued for years and no one could catch the bloodthirsty beast, leading to it being called the “ninja” bear. But the trend has now increased.

These animals are usually primarily herbivorous and eat insect diets, but the growing number of deer in Japan has reportedly caused them to develop a taste for meat. They used to be hunted extensively, but there are fewer hunters now. Those who still hunt them leave the carcasses in the mountains, where bears can feed easily

Jeffrey J. Hall, a special lecturer in Japanese studies at Kanda University of International Studies, told The Mirror that bears are occupying uninhabited areas. Changes in hunting practices have had a huge impact on the number of bears. Usually hunters keep the bear population under control, but the younger generation of Japanese have moved to cities and many hunters have now become elderly. In such a situation, bears have started attacking fields fearlessly in search of food.

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