T20 World cup: Namibia created history by defeating Oman, did something that even teams like West Indies and New Zealand could not do

New Delhi. The T20 World Cup has started. The third match was played between Oman and Namibia. In this match, Namibia registered a spectacular victory in the Super Over. Namibia also did something amazing which even teams like West Indies and New Zealand have not been able to do till date. In fact, they scored the highest score in the Super Over in the T20 World Cup.

Namibia scored 21 runs in the super over on the basis of the brilliant batting of David VJ and captain Gerhard Erasmus. Till date, no team has been able to score 21 runs in the super over of T20 World Cup. Including Namibia and Oman, there have been a total of 3 super overs in the T20 World Cup so far. But no team has scored such a big score. The first super over was played between New Zealand and Sri Lanka in 2012. Sri Lanka scored 13 runs while batting first. New Zealand could score only 7 runs.

The second super over also took place in the year 2012. In this super over, New Zealand and West Indies teams came face to face. West Indies batted first and scored 19 runs. Whereas New Zealand’s team could score only 17 runs. In this way, 21 runs is the highest score till date in the history of T20 World Cup.

Talking about Namibia’s super over, David VJ started by playing all four balls. He hit a four on the first ball, a six on the second, took 2 runs on the third. After this, 1 run. Then the strike came to captain Erasmus. He hit 2 consecutive fours on the remaining 2 balls.

FIRST PUBLISHED : June 3, 2024, 10:19 IST

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