T20 World Cup 2024: Pakistan team host private dinner party for 25 US dollars, get slammed – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

The Pakistan cricket team and its players have had a long history of controversies. Pakistani players somehow find ways to stir up controversies. Now, just before the start of their campaign in the T20 World Cup 2024, the Pakistan team hosted a ‘private dinner’ party in the US. They also invited fans to this party. However, this was not a free dinner party for the fans. Nor did the Pakistani team do this for any charity or fund raising.

For this private dinner party, fans had to pay an entry fee of 25 US dollars i.e. Rs 2,085. This angered many people including former Pakistani cricketers and experts. Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has condemned the shocking event organized by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the team players and has reprimanded them.

Latif told in the video

In a video shared by Latif on social media, he says- Fans were allowed to meet Pakistani players during a private dinner party. However, for this they had to pay Rs 2,085. In the video, many former Pakistani legends and others were also shocked by this initiative. Latif said- Pakistan team holds an official dinner party, but this was a private dinner party. Who does this? This is disappointing. This means that you meet our players for $ 25. God forbid that there is any mess and people accuse us that our boys are making money from this.

Nauman Niaz also criticized

Nauman Niaz, who was presenting the video, called the situation of the Pakistan team sad. At the same time, a fan suggested that if the team was going through with this idea then the price should have been at least higher. Latif also said that he understands the idea of ​​​​organizing a charity dinner, but a private dinner party with an entry fee was beyond his understanding.

Rashid Latif gave the suggestion

He said, ‘People tell me that whenever they invite Pakistani players to any event, they ask how much money will you pay. This has become a common thing. Things were different in our time. There used to be two or three dinner parties in our time, but they were official. However, it has been highlighted because it is the World Cup. So players should be careful. The amount of $ 25 should not be used in this way. You can have two-three dinner parties, because there is no business in it. You can do this for charity dinners and fundraisers, but private dinner parties are neither for anyone’s benefit nor charity dinners. This is a private function in which the name of Pakistan and Pakistan cricket is associated. Do not make such a mistake.’

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