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Singrauli Loot Case: The terror of thieves and robbers is increasing in Singrauli of Madhya Pradesh. Along with committing thefts in houses, thieves have now started targeting the businessmen of the city. The latest case is from Baliyari area of ​​Kotwali police station area of ​​the district.

In this case, Neha Enterprises’ accountant Ramkumar Shukla was going to deposit money in the bank from the company as usual. During this, as soon as he reached Baliyari, three unknown miscreants riding on a bike tried to snatch the bag from his hand, but when the accountant did not leave the bag, the miscreants beat him up and threw him down the road.

Robbers attacked the accountant with a knife in broad daylight
After this, the miscreants attacked the victim accountant with a knife. Hearing the noise, the local people reached the spot and started pelting stones at the robbers and chased them away. Seeing the local people, the robbers ran away. The accountant has been injured in the attack by the robbers and has been admitted to the trauma center.

The incident occurred on Tuesday (June 4) afternoon, when the entire police force of the district Lok Sabha Elections He was posted at the counting centre in Pachaur during the counting of votes. During this time the robbers committed this crime. This entire incident has been captured in CCTV. After receiving the information, the police team reached the spot and started investigating the case.

The courage of the local people saved lives
When the robbers were trying to attack the accountant and snatch money, local people and passersby gathered at the spot. People showed courage and reached the robbers, after which people started pelting stones at the robbers. Seeing the people, the robbers ran away from the spot. After committing this crime, the robbers were successful in escaping from the spot.

During this, the robbers left their bike in a hurry and fled with the accountant’s bike. Currently, the police investigating the case has recovered a pistol, knife and the bike of the accused from the spot. In this case, Vindhyanagar CSP says that the miscreants have been identified, they will be arrested soon.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV
A video of the robbery has also surfaced, in which the robbers are seen assaulting the accountant. Based on the CCTV footage, the police is searching for the robbers.

(Report by Devendra Pandey from Singrauli)

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