Sharad Pawar NCP SP On Ayodhya Faizabad BJP Candidate Politics of Temple Lok Sabha Elections Result

Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the NDA government has been formed at the center under the leadership of Narendra Modi. But the political debate is still going on between the ruling party and the opposition regarding the performance of the parties in the elections and their victory and defeat. Meanwhile, NCP (SP) leader Sharad Pawar said on Tuesday (June 11) that the people of Ayodhya in UP have shown by defeating the BJP candidate in the recent Lok Sabha elections that temple politics will not work.

During the meeting in Baramati, Sharad Pawar stressed that the BJP had won more than 300 seats five years ago, this time its number has come down to 240, which is much less than the majority. The result shows that their seats have decreased by 60.

Sharad Pawar attacks BJP

The NCP(SP) chief further said,Lok Sabha Elections UP is an important state because the people there have given a different verdict. They had anticipated that Ram Mandir There will be an election agenda and the ruling party will get votes, but the people of our country are very intelligent. When they realised that votes are being sought in the name of the temple, they decided to take a different stand and the BJP had to face defeat.”

What did Sharad Pawar say on BJP’s defeat in Faizabad?

He said, “In a major upset in UP’s Faizabad parliamentary constituency, where the temple town of Ayodhya is located, Samajwadi Party candidate Awadhesh Prasad defeated sitting BJP MP Lallu Singh by a margin of 54,567 votes in the recent elections. The opposition was apprehensive that the temple would be used as an election agenda, but the people took a different stand. Since we were scared of the temple being used as an election agenda to seek votes, the people of Ayodhya showed us how to set ‘politics’ right.”

The former Union minister said, “Democracy in India is intact not because of politics but because of the collective consciousness of the people. For the last 10 years, those who are in power and have adopted an extremist stance, but the people have brought them back to ground. Narendra Modi formed the government, but not on its own, but with the help of Chandrababu Naidu (TDP) and Nitish Kumar (JDU). When the government runs with the help of others, no one can ignore it. ‘Adjustment’ and that kind of situation continues in the country.

Let us tell you that in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar’s NCP won 8 out of the 10 Lok Sabha seats it contested and recorded the highest strike rate in the state. MVA won 30 seats, while Mahayuti was reduced to 17 seats.

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