Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman bans political sloganeering during Hajj Muslim countries angry

Saudi Arabia News: Hajj pilgrimage is starting from 14th June in Saudi Arabia. This time Saudi is expecting that more than 20 lakh Muslims will reach Saudi for Hajj pilgrimage. Preparations for Hajj pilgrimage have started all over the world including India. The government of Saudi Arabia has also made big arrangements for Hajj pilgrimage this time. Meanwhile, the Saudi Prince has issued such an order, after which Muslim countries have become furious.

Before the start of Hajj, a statement by a Saudi minister has gone viral on social media, after which the uproar has increased. Saudi Arabia has made it clear that no sloganeering will be allowed during the Hajj pilgrimage, after which the Saudi minister is being severely criticized on social media. Analysts believe that the Minister of Hajj and Umar Department of Saudi Arabia has given this statement keeping in mind the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Saudi has also recently removed many anti-Israel courses from the curriculum of students.

Why did Saudi impose a ban?
Saudi minister Tawfiq Al Rabiah has said that Hajj is a date of worship and we are determined to ensure peace so that everyone can follow their traditions. In such a situation, any kind of political sloganeering will not be allowed. The Saudi minister said that political sloganeering has been banned on the orders of the top Saudi leadership, so it is believed that sloganeering has been banned due to the orders of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

There is no difference between Islam and worship
Many Muslims around the world are strongly criticizing this order of the Saudi government. Muslims on X handle are besieging Saudi. This is happening at a time when thousands of people have lost their lives in Gaza. Muslims around the world are supporting Palestine amidst Hajj, a user said Islam is a way of life. There is no division of politics and worship in Islam.

Saudi is silent on Gaza war
People say that Saudi’s Al Saud family is not taking the right steps during Hajj. At this time, Saudi’s top leadership is on the target of Muslims around the world. One user wrote that when Muslims are being tortured in Gaza, the Saudi leadership is silent.

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