Samsung Galaxy M10 Review in Hindi, Samsung Galaxy M10 Review

Despite the influx of affordable smartphones from Chinese companies in the Indian market, Samsung’s hangover continues among customers. This South Korean company has been selling its phones in the country for a long time. Many phones of the company are made in India only. Samsung enjoys the trust of customers due to its excellent service network and strong dealership. Perhaps this is why it is important to take every affordable Samsung smartphone seriously.

The company’s new product Samsung Galaxy M10 has arrived in the market. The new handset is very different from Samsung’s portfolio till now. Samsung maintained distance from the earlier notch design. But it was adopted with the Galaxy M series. Samsung Galaxy M10 and Samsung Galaxy M20 These are the company’s first phones to come with Waterdrop Notch. We have reviewed the new Samsung Galaxy M10 for you and have come to the conclusion that…

Samsung Galaxy M10 design

samsung galaxy m10 The most important feature is its screen. It comes with a waterdrop notch which has space for the front camera. There is an earpiece on the edge at the top, just above the camera. We have seen a glimpse of this design in phones like OnePlus 6T and Oppo F9 Pro. There is a very thin black border on all four sides of the screen.

The back and sides of the Samsung Galaxy M10 are plastic. The edges are curved. The ports and buttons are in their standard positions. The speaker grill is on the rear of the phone. This design was used till a few years ago. It is not so now. This seems surprising, because if you place your phone on a surface with its back side, the sound from the phone comes out a bit quieter. It also affects the ringtone.

On the rear, there is a dual rear camera setup and a flash on the top left. The blue color variant we received for review looks good. But it easily gets fingerprints on it.

The phone has separate slots for SIM and microSD card. Many users will like this. It is worth noting that there is no fingerprint sensor in Samsung Galaxy M10. The phone has a face unlock feature for biometric security.


The screen of the phone is 6.22 inches. This is an ‘Infinity-V’ display with HD+ resolution. This name is given because of the shape of the notch. The complaint is regarding its resolution. You get a 19:9 aspect ratio, but the display isn’t very sharp. There is no problem in normal use, like using WhatsApp.

Samsung Experience UI looks fine even in low resolution. However, grain was clearly visible at the edges of many app icons. We weren’t too impressed by the screen while watching Netflix and playing basic games like Subway Surfers.

We did not like the colors and brightness. Things don’t look great at wider viewing angles. The screen seems dull. We liked the screen because of the size, proportions and edge-to-edge design.

Samsung Galaxy M10 specifications and software

Talking about specifications, Samsung Galaxy M10 disappoints. It has an octa-core Exynos 7870 processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. This chipset has been used in Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) launched in 2016. It was a capable processor at the time of launch. But with the passage of time it appears weak in the face of its challenges.

You will get two options based on RAM and storage – 2 GB RAM with 16 GB storage and 3 GB RAM with 32 GB storage. The phone has dual VoLTE connectivity. We got the expensive variant of Rs 8,990 for review which has 3 GB RAM. The second variant is cheaper by Rs 1,000.


You will get a 3,400 mAh battery. A 5 watt charger is provided with it. Considering the price and specification of the phone, the battery capacity is adequate. But the charger given with it is very slow. Slow charging is frustrating. It takes more than 3 hours for the phone’s battery to be fully charged. Micro-USB technology has been used in the phone for data transfer and charging, which is very old. The handset also has 3.5mm connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy M10 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo. On top of this is Samsung Experience 9.5 UI. The UI of Samsung Galaxy M10 is also similar to other Samsung phones. The software on Samsung smartphones has improved in recent times, but there are still many unwanted apps available. You will find many Samsung system apps, select Microsoft apps and Daily Hunt pre-installed on the phone. Not every app can be uninstalled. This is irritating, especially in the 16GB storage variant.

We thought it appropriate to use PIN for security in the phone. The face unlock feature also takes a few seconds to unlock the phone and sometimes doesn’t work even when there is enough light.

Samsung Galaxy M10 performance and battery life

The old chipset affects the performance of Samsung Galaxy M10, which is disappointing. Delay is clearly visible in many tasks. Whether you’re switching from Camera to Gallery to view a captured shot, or reloading some background apps. Multi-tasking is also not smooth. We also noticed lag in the UI.

3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage is common in the price range up to Rs 10,000. Samsung has given this setup for Rs 8,990. There will be no problem in using common apps. We tried playing PUBG Mobile game on this phone. As expected, the experience was very bad. There were many performance issues even at the lowest graphics settings.

In our video loop test, the Samsung Galaxy M10’s 3.40 mAh battery died in 14 hours and 29 minutes. In normal use, the phone easily lasts throughout the day. The good battery life can be attributed to the HD+ resolution and low power consumption processor.

As we told you earlier, the biggest drawback is slow charging.


Samsung Galaxy M10 cameras

Samsung Galaxy M10 has dual rear camera setup. The primary sensor is 13 megapixels and the secondary sensor is 5 megapixels. The secondary sensor is used for ultra-wide angle photography. This can be selected through the camera app in the smartphone. You will also get a 5 megapixel front camera. You will be able to record full-HD videos with both camera setups.

Tap to see camera samples of Samsung Galaxy M10

Considering the price, the camera of Samsung Galaxy M10 is not bad. But it cannot be called very good either. At first glance, photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy M10 look good. But upon closer inspection, lack of detail and grain is visible. Colors appear a bit dull. The photos appear darker than the actual scene.

With the help of wide-angle mode, you will be able to take some interesting photos. This is great for landscape shots. But the pictures still appear dull. However, the extra room in the frame does add a little character to photos.

Macros and close up shots taken in low light are fine. But grains are visible in distant photos. Apart from this, the light area in the photographs gets overexposed. Videos are recorded well. But due to lack of stabilization, videos are recorded shaky. Overall, the cameras of Samsung Galaxy M10 are satisfactory. But don’t expect too much from them.

our decision
Starting at Rs 7,990, the Galaxy M10 is Samsung’s most affordable phone to date. This phone has many important features, such as modern design and reliable battery. And the most important thing is the price.

However, the Samsung Galaxy M10 is far from perfection. The reason for the excellent battery life is the two important flaws of the phone – HD+ resolution screen and old processor. The shape and dimensions of the phone give it a modern look. But not as per our expectations. The performance of this device is weaker than average. The camera also does not succeed in doing anything special.

Samsung Galaxy M10 handset is for those Samsung fans who are looking for modern design. But according to us in this price range realme c1 And Xiaomi Redmi 6 There are better devices. If you want to buy Samsung Galaxy M10 only, then we would suggest you to buy 3 GB RAM / 32 GB storage variant.

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