Rohit Sharma tried to convince Rahul Dravid to stay on as coach, gets emotional Indian team T20 World Cup 2024 – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

Indian captain Rohit Sharma got emotional while talking about Rahul Dravid stepping down as head coach after the 2024 T20 World Cup. Rohit broke his silence on Dravid’s departure and said that he does not want the current tournament to be Dravid’s last tournament as coach and he had also requested the former India captain to remain in his position.

Rohit said this

Rohit spoke about Dravid in the pre-match press conference ahead of India’s first match against Ireland at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. The Indian captain revealed that he tried to convince Dravid to stay with the team, but he refused due to personal reasons. Rohit did not hide his disappointment and admitted that it will be difficult for him to no longer see Dravid as part of the dressing room.

Rohit Sharma got emotional

Rohit got emotional and said, ‘He was my first international captain when I made my debut in Ireland. He has been an idol for all of us. I saw him play closely when I came into the team for Test matches. Growing up we have seen him play and we know what he has achieved personally as a player. He has also done a lot for the team in the last few years. I appreciate his contribution to the team in the last few years.

Referring to the ‘Wall’, he said, ‘He is known for getting the team out of difficult situations. I have personally tried to convince him to stay as coach. I will not be able to see him go.’ In the Rohit-Dravid era, the Indian team has not yet won any ICC trophy, but the head coach’s contribution to the development of the team is huge.

Rohit said, ‘He has shown a lot of strength throughout his career and when he came here as a coach, I wanted to learn from him. It has been very fruitful. Apart from the ICC Trophy, we won all the major tournaments and series. I have enjoyed everything while working with him. We decided which direction the team should take.’

Dravid had said this

Rohit’s comment came a day after Dravid confirmed his desire not to re-apply for the top post. Speaking to the media, Dravid said that he has enjoyed every moment of his tenure as head coach. He said, ‘Every tournament is important. Every match of India has been important for me as a coach. The World Cup is no different. This is my last tournament as head coach.’ Dravid took over the responsibility in November 2021. He said- I love this job. This is a very special responsibility. I have enjoyed working with this team, but with the busy schedule and at this point in my life, I don’t think I should apply again.

Who will be the new coach?

Speaking to the media ahead of India’s first match in the World Cup against Ireland, Dravid said – I love my job. Although this is my last tournament, it does not matter to me. Every match has been important for me from day one. There will be no change in my thinking going forward. Now the speculation about Gautam Gambhir becoming the new head coach of India has gained further strength. However, it has not been confirmed yet whether he has applied or not. Recently BCCI Secretary Jay Shah had clarified that there will be no separate coach for different formats. In such a situation, only one coach will be searched for all three formats, who will take charge of the Indian cricket team for 3.5 years.

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