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Pune Car Crash Porsche Accident Probe Updates Maharashtra Police Inquiry News in Hindi

Pune car accident (File)
– Photo : Amar Ujala


Two people lost their lives in a car accident in Pune, Maharashtra. The darkest aspect of the accident is that the accused is a minor. This accused, the son of a rich builder, destroyed the lives of two families in an inebriated condition. This teenager, who crushed two youths under his Porsche car worth crores of rupees, is currently in police custody. Maharashtra Police is investigating aspects such as death in the accident, allegations of driving under the influence of alcohol, influencing the investigation by showing money, changing blood samples in the hospital. In the latest development, the minor accused has told the police during interrogation that he does not remember anything that happened at the time of the accident, because at that time he was driving under the influence of alcohol. This information related to the interrogation has been given by sources.

Doctors were given three lakh rupees to exchange blood samples

Apart from questioning the 17-year-old accused, the police is also looking for her blood sample, which was allegedly changed. It has been revealed in the reports that the blood samples were changed to save the accused by paying Rs 3 lakh to the doctors of the hospital. The police is investigating this case on the basis of different FIRs. The accused’s father and grandfather have also been arrested in this case.

48 thousand rupees were spent in a pub for drugs, the teenager will be tried as an adult

It is worth noting that the teenager is currently kept in a juvenile correctional home on the grounds of being a minor. On the request of the police, the Juvenile Justice Board gave permission to prosecute him as an adult. Before the decision, a CCTV footage had surfaced in which the teenager was seen drinking alcohol in a pub with his friends. According to reports, this man spent 48 thousand rupees in the pub.

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