Plane carrying Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima goes missing Search and rescue operation continues

Malawi Plane Missing: The military plane carrying the vice president of the African country Malawi has gone missing. The Malawi government said that this incident happened on Monday when the plane lost contact with the radar. The team is trying to contact the plane, but it has not been found yet. Government sources have expressed the possibility of the vice president’s death.

News agency Reuters reported that Vice President Saulos Chilima (51) was on board a military plane. The plane took off from Lilogwe, the capital of Malawa, on Monday morning. Apart from the Vice President, there were 9 other people on board the plane. The plane was supposed to land in Mzuzu in the morning, but contact with the plane was lost before that.

Vice President’s death expected
When the plane could not be contacted, the President ordered a search and rescue operation. The team is trying to track the plane, but its exact location has not been found yet. After this accident, Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera has cancelled his trip to Bahamas. African journalist Hopewell told that he has come to know from government sources that now there is little hope that the Vice President has survived. Also, it has been confirmed that his wife Mary was not on board the plane. He had returned after a foreign trip and was tired.

Ibrahim Raisi’s plane crashed
It is being told that the Vice President’s plane took off at 9 am local time. There were a total of 10 people on board, including the Vice President. The Vice President has also been accused of serious corruption in the country. Recently, Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi’s plane crashed in inaccessible areas, in this accident all 9 people on board the plane died. Iran’s President and Foreign Minister also died in this accident.

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