People took to the streets against the arbitrariness of Gurgaon Greens Society builder, forensic audit of accounts should be done

Gurugram News: Not only have the residents of Gurgaon Greens Green Society Sector-102 mobilized against the builder MR India in Gurugram, Haryana, but people have also taken to the streets over the irregularities. Residents of Sector 102 allege that the builder created his own fake RWA and looked after the society for 4 years.

RWA chief Sandeep Phogat, Dr. Surendra Arora, Alok Kumar Saini, Nitin Nanda, Mahesh Sharma, Hukum, Anand Daral and Satish Tiwari said, ‘There are 672 flats in the society, whose possession was given to the buyers in the year 2019.’ 

Builder not ready to give accounts 

According to Pradhan Sandeep Phogat, RWA elections were held for the first time in the year 2022 and Sandeep Phogat was elected as Pradhan. Even after more than two years, the builder has not yet submitted the accounts of the RWA. The builder has to pay approximately Rs 25 to 30 crores to the association including interest free maintenance security. This amount has not been given to the association till date. Even after two years have passed, the accounts of the last four years have not been given to the RWAs.

Demand for forensic audit of accounts

Residents have also demanded a forensic audit of the accounts of the association, but no action has been taken on that also. The residents also demanded a structural audit of the building, but that too has not been completed till date. Most of the lifts remain out of order due to water filling in the lift pits of all the towers. Their repair work is done very slowly. There is a possibility of an accident at any time. 

The condition of the treatment plant is bad 

There are cracks in the walls in many flats. The builder is not getting them repaired either. Water keeps leaking in the basement and electricity room too, but the builder is not getting it repaired either. Apart from this, the condition of the sewerage water treatment plant is also pathetic. Due to which smelly water is going into people’s homes. The builder also keeps making unnecessary interference in RWA for his own interests.

Demand for action against builder 

The people of the society say that despite the orders of RERA, the builder is not giving compensation to the people for delay in giving possession. There are pits dug at many places in the society. The builder is not even releasing the crores of rupees taken from buyers in the name of VAT. There is a lot of anger among the people of the society towards the builder. People demanded from the builder that all their demands should be fulfilled immediately. The pending work in the society should be completed immediately. People also demanded from the government that action should be taken against the builder. So that he immediately fulfills all the reasonable demands of the people.

(Report by Rajesh Yadav)

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