People here sleep with the TV on, never turn off the lights, if you know the reason, you will be stunned!

There are hundreds of countries in the world and they have their own culture. Some have great wildlife and some are peaceful. However, there are some places where people’s lives are a little different from normal people. Today we will tell you about one such island where people don’t even sleep peacefully. Electricity and television are always on in their homes, even if it is midnight.

You may want pin drop license and dim light while sleeping but there is a place in the world where people do not sleep without turning on the TV. This place is also in Asia, but you probably do not know about it. The name of this place is Yeongpyeong, which is a small island. Let us tell you its story today.

People sleep with the TV on even at night
According to the report of Daily Star, there is absolutely no peace and happiness in the life of the people of Yeongpyeong, a small island in South Korea. They have to remain constantly alert. This island is just 3 kilometers away from South Korea’s enemy country North Korea. Since there was firing from North Korea in January this year, people remain constantly alert. They took refuge in bomb shelters to avoid artillery attack. A female citizen named Jung Yun Jin said that we do not sleep without turning on the TV and lights. Since my family is not here, I am afraid of what might happen?

Bunkers are built all over the island
In 2010, two people were killed in an attack, so many bomb shelters have been built here. The bunkers built here have food for a week, medical facilities and gas masks, bedding showers and large screens. The people living here are afraid that the day North Korea wants, the island will be destroyed in an attack.

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