Patna’s 238 year old Golghar is special, it was not built as a tourist place, you will be shocked to know its purpose!

Although Golghar buildings can be seen in many cities of India, but the most famous is the Golghar of Patna, the capital of Bihar. Today it is counted among the most attractive tourist attractions of Patna city. It is also said that if you come to Patna and do not see Golghar, then you have not seen Patna. This stupa-shaped building looks very big. The entire city can be seen by climbing on top of it.

Usually, a place to store grains was built in a large room of a fort, palace or strong house. But in history, especially in medieval or modern history, there is very little building that was built only for the purpose of storing a large amount of grain. At present, Patna’s Golghar is remembered for this.

Yes, even though today the Golghar of Patna is not used as a place to store grains, it was built for this purpose. In 1770, when the British were expanding their foothold in India, the need to build a strong building for grain storage was felt after the severe drought in Bihar and its surrounding areas.

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Golghar of Patna is a 250-year-old historical building. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

At that time, the then Governor General of Bengal Warren Hastings had planned the construction of Golghar. After this, British engineer Captain John Gastin started the construction of Golghar in Patan on 20 January 1784. After this, it was completed on 20 July 1786.

The storage capacity of Golghar is about 1.4 lakh tonnes of grains. Today, even though this building is dilapidated and is being repaired, it is still seen as a very attractive building. This stupa-shaped building has 145 stairs which can be used to reach its top, from where the entire city of Patna is visible.

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Today the area around it has been decorated with gardens and the laser show here is also quite famous. Talking about the building, there is a flaw in it. Its doors open inwards only and if it is filled completely with grains, then the doors will not open again. This is the reason why it has not been filled completely till date.

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