Papa’s angel flew like a bird, fell down with a thud the very next moment, Uttarakhand Police shared the video!

A lot of content is going viral on social media. These include videos of girls who do not follow traffic rules in order to show off while driving. Especially for such girls driving scooties, the slang ‘papa ki pari’ is used on the internet. Today we will show you a video related to this, which has been shared by the Uttarakhand Police itself.

Two girls were riding a scooty in a very high style and they were not even wearing helmets. These girls were almost flying in the air. They did not pay attention to their speed and what happened to them in the next moment will leave you stunned and laughing. You can guess how risky this is from the fact that the police themselves have used this video.

Papa’s fairies did a scandal
In the viral video, you can see that two girls are riding a scooty. One girl is driving the scooty, while the other is sitting behind. Their speed is so fast that they forget that there is a speed limit for their vehicle. Meanwhile, a biker passes by them and challenges them. Both the girls run fast behind him and the next moment their scooty loses its balance and falls down on the road.

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