Panchayat Series Fame Actor Durgesh Kumar Plays Othello Hindi Adaptation by Prachi Patwari Himanshu Raj Talreja – Entertainment News: Amar Ujala

Panchayat series fame actor Durgesh Kumar plays Othello Hindi adaptation Prachi Patwari Himanshu Raj Talreja

Othello Hindi Review
– Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Movie Review

Othello (Play-Hindi Adaptation)


Durgesh Kumar, Manasi Sehgal, Himanshu Raj Talreja, Prachi Patwari, Rajan Sharma, Vaishali and Kumar Saurabh


Shakespeare, Hindi adaptation-Abhay Joshi and Tauqeer Alam Khan


Tauqeer Alam Khan

the creator

Sampat Singh Rathore, Durgesh Kumar and Himanshu Raj Talreja


1 June 2024

Mumbai’s theatre halls are jam packed on weekend evenings. Watching plays is a tradition for many families in this city. People come in groups to watch Gujarati and Marathi plays. Hindi plays also have their own reputation in this city. Drama is a disciplined work. After months of practice, when a drama troupe comes on stage for the first time to see the result of their hard work, there is always the same tension in front of the stage and behind the stage. Shakespeare has written many plays full of happy, sad and humorous endings, but among these, the name of ‘Othello’ comes first among those plays which have been the favourite of all generations of artists for the last more than four hundred years.

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