Pakistan’s Shahbaz government scared of Narendra Modi’s third term in India Pakistani officer himself told his truth

Lok Sabha Elections Result 2024: in India Lok Sabha Elections After this, NDA coalition government is going to be formed under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. So far, no official statement has come from the Pakistan government regarding this election result. On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi congratulated Shahbaz on the formation of the government. Pakistani media says that the Pakistan government estimates that after the formation of the coalition government, BJP can become aggressive on the path of Hindutva. Pakistan also estimates that despite the opposition being strong, India’s attitude towards Islamabad will not change.

A Pakistani government official told the Tribune newspaper that the government’s internal assessment is that there is no hope of any change in the attitude towards Pakistan even in the third term of the Modi government in India. He said that issues like poverty, inflation and unemployment have taken over the religion-based politics of Modi this time in Indian politics. The Pakistani government has said in its internal assessment that the BJP has succeeded in securing its traditional seats, but in Uttar Pradesh, regional parties have succeeded in defeating the BJP cleverly. Apart from this, Muslim voters across the country united against Modi.

Pakistan is afraid of this
Pakistan said that after this election it has become clear that Narendra Modi Now, BJP and RSS are no bigger than Modi. Once again, the era of coalition government has come in India. This time, BJP has won by a very small margin. Pakistan anticipates that Modi will either change his path or adopt an aggressive stance. The Pakistani official said, ‘A strong opposition in India can force BJP to go on the path of Hindutva.’

There is no scope for improvement in India-Pakistan relations
The Pakistani official said that ‘there will be no change in domestic and foreign policy in the third term of the Modi government.’ Regarding the relations between Pakistan and India, the Pakistani official said that India wants Pakistan to accept the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. In such a situation, the possibility of the Modi government holding any talks is negligible.

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