Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif Congratulates PM Narendra Modi on third term, says success reflects confidence of people

India-Pakistan Relation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge of the PMO on Monday (10 June) after taking oath. Meanwhile, PM Modi from Pakistan Narendra Modi has received congratulations. After Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif, now his brother and PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif has congratulated PM Modi and praised him.

Nawaz Sharif posted on social media platform X saying, “My heartiest congratulations to Modiji on assuming power for the third time. Your party’s success in the recent elections reflects people’s faith in your leadership.”

What else did Nawaz Sharif say in the tweet?

PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif further said in his post that let us replace hatred with hope and take advantage of the opportunity to shape the destiny of two billion people of South Asia. It is worth noting that before Nawaz Sharif, Pakistani PM Shahbaz Sharif also congratulated the Prime Minister.

Shahbaz Sharif congratulated PM Modi in a very light manner in a tweet on Instagram. He wrote, ‘Congratulations to Narendra Modi on taking oath as the Prime Minister of India.’ Shahbaz Sharif ended his speech by writing only this much. At the same time, in the congratulatory messages of other countries, there have been talks about strengthening mutual relations and mutual cooperation on global issues.

Was Nawaz’s tweet an attempt at damage control?

It is believed that this tweet of Nawaz Sharif has come out as a damage control. It is worth noting that for the past several years, relations between Pakistan and India have been frozen. In response to the terrorist attacks carried out by Pakistan, the Indian government had ended all relations with the neighboring country.

The Modi government has a very clear policy towards its neighbouring countries. Former Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar has said on several occasions that dialogue with Pakistan cannot take place amid the continuation of terrorism.

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