Pakistani journalist Qamar Cheema angry on government saudi arabia deport Pakistani nurse due to fraud

Pakistani Nurse Fraud : Such a thing happened with Pakistani nurses in Saudi Arabia that journalist Qamar Cheema had to reprimand the Pakistani government. Actually, Saudi Arabia sent 92 Pakistani nurses back to Pakistan in March. The reason behind this was said to be fraud. Saudi officials found in their investigation that the verification reports of the nurses who were working here were fake. The company that recruited them had given the same verification report to many nurses. When the government came to know about this fraud during online screening, they were sent back to their country.

Saudi has blacklisted
At the same time, the institute that did this fraud has been blacklisted. After this news, Pakistani journalist Qamar Cheema got angry and lashed out at the government. Cheema said that Pakistan calls Saudi as brother and we cheat them. He said that for the sake of a little money, they spoiled their image and ruined the life of those nurses. This is the addiction of shortcuts. On one hand, we call Saudi as brother and on the other hand, we are cheating them.

Indians are more honest
Qamar Cheema also praised India after pointing out the shortcomings of the Pakistan government. He said, Indians and Pakistanis are working together in Saudi, but their number is more in the medical field. Doctors are not respected here, it is good that nurses were not sent to jail for fraud. Indians have better opportunities than us, because they are more educated, more honest and more trustworthy. He said that if we do not improve our behavior, India will replace Pakistan, because Indians do any job, give time to it, they do not get involved in any political thing, that is why they are respected a lot.

We should learn from India
Indians do not do anything that breaks Saudi law, but Pakistanis get caught in everything. Recently Saudi has caught Pakistanis who were raising slogans against Israel. He further said that there is a Jihadi inside every man. Maulvi in ​​mosques incite people all the time. So brothers, do not get involved in any political activity and study peacefully, the best thing is that Saudi did not take any major action against those nurses.

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