Pakistani Citizens are kidnapping Indians for Ransom from Turkey to Cambodia Police Arrested Accused

Kidnapping of Indians in foreign countries: Be it Turkey or Cambodia, cases of kidnapping of Indians are coming to light everywhere. However, it is not any local gang but the people of our neighboring country Pakistan who are behind the kidnapping of Indians. Actually, Turkish police has arrested three Pakistani citizens involved in the kidnapping of an Indian man.

According to the report of English website India Today, three Pakistani asylum seekers kidnapped an Indian citizen in Turkey. Not only this, he had demanded Rs 20 lakh from the family of the Indian citizen in India in exchange for his safe release.

Turkish police arrested three Pakistanis

According to Khaama news portal report, Turkiye Police on Sunday (May 20) said that they have arrested three Pakistanis for kidnapping of an Indian citizen in Edirne city. Pakistani citizens lured Radhakrishnan, who worked in a restaurant in Istanbul, for a job and brought him to Edirne city. Here they kidnapped him.

Ransom demanded from family by sending video

After this, the accused tied the victim’s hands and feet and made a video and sent it to his family and demanded ransom. Turkish police arrested the Pakistani kidnappers during the raid. Along with this, a pistol was also recovered from the accused.

Two Indians kidnapped in Cambodia

However, this is not the only case of kidnapping of Indians. Pakistanis had also kidnapped two Indians in Cambodia. After this, they were held hostage for three weeks and demanded ransom from their families. Let us tell you that Pakistani accused had kidnapped Mohammad Saad and Sudit Kumar on 25 April and the police freed them on 16 May. At present, Pakistani citizens who kidnapped Indians in Turkey and Cambodia have been arrested.

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