Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has congratulated PM Modi on taking oath as Prime Minister

Shahbaz Sharif: Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has written to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated PM Modi on taking oath as the Prime Minister. As of now, there has been no reaction from Pakistan after the NDA got majority on 4 June. On Monday, i.e. on 9 June, Prime Minister Modi took oath of office and on 10 June, Shahbaz Sharif gave a congratulatory message on his X handle.

Lok Sabha Elections This is the first official congratulation from Pakistan after the BJP-led NDA alliance got an absolute majority in 2024. Earlier, some Pakistani leaders had expressed happiness over the BJP not getting an absolute majority. Shahbaz Sharif has sent congratulations on the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s swearing-in, while the heads of state of more than 50 countries congratulated PM Modi for his third consecutive term on June 4 itself.

Lightness in Shehbaz’s tweet
Shahbaz Sharif has congratulated Modi in very short and light words, he wrote, ‘Congratulations to Narendra Modi on taking oath as the Prime Minister of India.’ He ended his speech by writing just this, whereas the congratulatory messages from other countries have been much bigger and deeper. Most of the countries have talked about strengthening relations with India, while nothing has come from Pakistan except congratulations.

Will India-Pakistan relations improve?
There were speculations that perhaps the relations between Pakistan and India could improve once again during PM Modi’s third term. But nothing like this was seen in the tweet made by Shahbaz. Now it remains to be seen what reply PM Modi gives to Shahbaz. Analysts estimate that if such talks continue between the two countries, then it will become a little difficult to improve relations.

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