Pakistan may be out of T20 World Cup even after winning, the host did a bad job, all hopes are on the last match

New Delhi. Pakistan cricket team has disappointed the most in the ICC T20 World Cup. Who can understand better than Babar Azam’s team why cricket is called a game of uncertainties. This team was given a big blow by the host team in the very first match of the tournament. Once again the dream of winning the World Cup against the Indian team remained unfulfilled. This team finally opened its account of victory by defeating Canada but even after this, the danger of being eliminated remains on it.

Pakistan started the ICC T20 World Cup with a defeat against host USA. Babar Azam’s team lost to a lower ranked team in the Super Over. This defeat gave a huge shock to the Pak team. The team faced India in the second match and lost as expected. Team India had set a target of 120 runs but the batsmen surrendered. Even after the victory in the third match, Pakistan’s journey to Super 8 seems impossible.

Pakistan may be out even after victory
Pakistan’s team can be out of this ICC T20 World Cup even after winning. After losing the first two matches, Babar Azam’s team has kept its hopes alive after winning. If the team wins the last match, it will remain in the race for Super 8, but going ahead will depend on the results of other teams’ matches. Pakistan needs a big win against Ireland in the last match.

super 8 equation
If we look at the ICC T20 World Cup points table at this time, India is at the top. Host USA is at the second position with 4 points from two wins, equal to India. After defeating Canada, Pakistan’s team has definitely moved from fourth to third position, but it is still behind USA. In such a situation, even if it wins the last match, it will still not be able to reach the Super 8. There are four groups of 5 teams each in the T20 World Cup. The top two teams of each group will reach the Super 8 after the league stage.

FIRST PUBLISHED : June 11, 2024, 23:17 IST

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