Pakistan is not able to announce nuclear policy due to fear of India Pakistani expert reveals secrets

Pakistan’s Nuclear Policy: Even after 26 years of nuclear testing, Pakistan has not been able to declare its nuclear policy. The reason behind this is said to be the fear of India. Pakistan often calls its nuclear bomb an Islamic bomb, but experts in Pakistan itself are unanimous in the opinion that Pakistan’s nuclear program was against India. The statement of the former President of Pakistan has also been similar to this. In the year 1964, he had said that ‘If India acquires the nuclear bomb, then Pakistan may have to eat grass or leaves but it will acquire the nuclear bomb.’

Now a Pakistani expert has clarified why Pakistan could not formulate a nuclear policy even after so many years? Pakistani expert Qamar Cheema has spoken to Dr. Adil Sultan, Dean of Islamabad Air University, on this issue. Dr. Sultan said that when India conducted its first nuclear test in 1974, Pakistan thought for the first time that it should acquire a nuclear bomb to counter India. Behind this, Pakistan had the fear of 1971 hidden inside it, when India had divided Pakistan into two parts.

Who contributed to the atomic bomb in Pakistan
Giving information about Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, Adil Sultan said that nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan had a major role in it, but it was not possible for a single person to acquire the nuclear bomb. Sultan admitted in a low voice that illegal methods were used to get nuclear technology from other countries to Pakistan.

The country’s nuclear bomb is only for Pakistan
Adil Sultan said that there is a common belief in Pakistan that Pakistan’s nuclear bomb is for Islam. Whenever needed, Pakistan will use it to help Islamic countries. Sultan said that in reality it is not so, ‘Islamic brotherhood is a different matter, but when it comes to nuclear bomb, it will be used only for Pakistan.’

Because of this Pakistan is silent on its nuclear policy
Adil Sultan said that even though Pakistan does not have a nuclear policy, if needed, Pakistan will not hesitate to use it. He said that if Pakistan reveals all its cards regarding the nuclear bomb, India will immediately put pressure on it. This is why Pakistan remains silent on its nuclear policy. Pakistan has also benefited from this, since 1998 India has not taken any military action against Pakistan.

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