Pakistan Airlines Updates European Union continues to ban Pakistan International Airlines drawback were found in security

Pakistan Airlines Updates: The condition of Pakistan is such that any agency imposes a ban on it. If someone has already imposed a ban, then they are not ready to give relief to it. A similar case is coming to light from the European Union. The European Union (EU) Aviation Safety Agency has given a shock to Pakistan. The agency has refused to lift the ban on Pakistani flights. This means that Pakistan’s flights will remain closed here. According to the report of ARY News, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency has said that no reason has been found to allow the flights to resume.

Pakistani airlines are also included in this. Therefore, the European Union has maintained its decision to continue the ban on Pakistani airlines including Pakistan International Airlines. This decision has been taken after the review of the Air Safety Committee. Let us tell you that safety inspection was done in the on-site assessment between 7 and 30 November last year. In this, the focus was on the role and responsibility of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. The assessment team found many shortcomings on the spot, after which this decision was taken.

No security concerns were found, but the ban was continued
However, no major safety concerns were found during this time regarding the flight or the licensing of the employees. After the investigation, Fly Jinnah was asked to make improvements. The PCAA presented its report on this on May 6 last month. During the hearing before the European Union’s Air Safety Committee on May 14, the PCAA presented all the necessary documents. Even after this, the European Union maintained the ban on Pakistani flights. The association has warned that any indication of safety risks could lead to further action.

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