OnePlus X review

you till now oneplus Must have heard about it many times. This Chinese smartphone manufacturing company has remained in the headlines continuously in the last two years. For this, the marketing ability of the company is commendable. The company introduced a unique invite system to sell a limited number of handsets. The effect of excellent marketing was that there was a huge gap between demand and supply.

‘Flagship killer’ this year itself oneplus 2 After launching, now the company has launched a slightly affordable handset. oneplus x Launched for Rs 16,999. At first glance we can say that this is a mini version of OnePlus One. How is the performance of this handset? Let us know through the review.

Look and Design
OnePlus OnePlus X is also slimmer with less length and width. With a metal frame, glass back and curved edges on the glass front, the X handset looks attractive and feels good in the hands.

The handset is available in Onyx and Ceramic color variants. By the way, the price of ceramic color variant is Rs 22,999. It is possible that this may be a limited edition device and there is not much information available about its availability. We received the Onyx variant for review. Its metal frame is of gray colour.

The backpanel of OnePlus X is made of glass. The good thing is that the handset looks sturdy. Camera and flash are present on the top left side of the handset.

The frame of OnePlus X is metal. A lined pattern is present all over the device. 3.5 mm socket and secondary microphone has been given place on the top. There is a notification slider on the left side and a speaker grill and USB port at the bottom of the handset. Power and volume buttons are present on the right side of the handset. The SIM tray is also on the right side of the handset.

Let us tell you that for the first two hours after unpacking the review unit, we had problems with the power and volume buttons. The power and volume buttons on the review unit we received came out on their own. However, we fixed it after some time. We cannot say clearly whether this will happen with every handset or whether it is a production defect.

We like the notification slider feature. It’s a three-position switch that lets you decide how many notifications you get. Many users may find this feature very useful, but for us it was not of much use.

The OnePlus X has a 5-inch full-HD AMOLED screen, which we really liked. It is extremely sharp, detailed and vibrant. It is soothing to the eyes and easy to read even in sunlight.

OnePlus X comes with a protector film provided by the company. This is a commendable effort, as most people like to use protectors on the screen of their devices.

Specifications and Software
The OnePlus Even though the chipset is not the most modern, its performance is good. The use of an older chipset in a handset released in late 2015 is questionable, but we’re satisfied with the performance of the OnePlus

OnePlus Sadly, the device does not support fast charging.

The handset comes equipped with the second version of the company’s own Oxygen OS. There is an option to update the OS as soon as the device is connected to the internet. Let us tell you that the latest Oxygen OS is based on Android 5.1.1.

Oxygen OS is very similar to stock Android Lollipop. With this, users get an app permissions screen through which they can define the permissions of each app.

OnePlus X has a 13-megapixel primary camera with F/2.2 aperture. A single-tone flash is also present with it. The device has an 8-megapixel front camera with F/2.4 aperture. With both cameras, users can record 1080 pixel videos in normal mode. Slow-motion videos can also be recorded with the rear camera.

Its camera app has been designed like Google Camera, but it has some differences. You can easily set photo and video resolution.

The camera works fast. It is excellent in terms of color and lighting reproduction. The combination of shadow and sunlight in the outdoor shot was spectacular. Photos taken indoors in good light and in low light also came out fine. However, a closer look at the sample shot revealed a lack of detail.

The OnePlus X is a good performer. The strong chipset is also helped by 3 GB of RAM. Our test videos and games played smoothly on the device. However, the handset did get warm while playing Angry Birds 2 and Dead Trigger 2. This also affected the battery.

The call quality of the phone was good. Connections to Wi-Fi and mobile networks also remained uninterrupted. The sound from the handset’s speaker is a bit weak, although the output into headphones is good.

The OnePlus X’s battery lasted 11 hours and 54 minutes in our video loop test. However, in daily use, we are not that satisfied with the battery performance. The battery will last only for a day. The battery does not drain much while making phone calls and messaging, but compared to other devices, the battery drains faster when web browsing and playing games in this handset.

our decision
OnePlus made a lot of headlines in the smartphone world in a very short time. The company has so far introduced products whose specifications are similar to flagship devices, but the price is very low. However, questions have been continuously raised on the quality of the handset and the invite system. Despite this, the company has been successful in attracting people’s attention.

Now let’s talk about OnePlus X. It is a good mid-budget device that offers strong performance with an older chipset. Its looks are also good and gives a premium feel. However, questions are raised on its build quality and the camera performance lacks detail. The negative effect of overheating of the device is seen on its battery. If you manage to get an invite for the handset, you will be buying a decent phone in terms of performance, looks and software.

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