OnePlus 5T First Impressions, OnePlus 5T first look

Within 5 months of launching OnePlus 5, Chinese company OnePlus has launched another Flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T launchedMost of the specifications of OnePlus 5T are the same as the old ones. There are two variants and most importantly there is no difference in the price. In a way, this Chinese company in one stroke oneplus 5 Has broken his hem from. It is certain that considering the price of OnePlus 5T, those people who have spent around Rs 30,000 on OnePlus 5 will be very angry. On the other hand, the company also adopted all the marketing tactics before launching OnePlus 5. We spent some time with the OnePlus 5T before and during the launch event. How did we like this phone at first glance? Let us tell…

oneplus 5t The main or even the only reason for launching the phone could be the display with 18:9 aspect ratio. Because fullview display has been trending in 2017 and oneplus It seemed to be lagging behind compared to other companies. Even though the specifications of OnePlus 5 are strong even today, it hardly attracts customers in terms of looks, especially in the face of current challenges. In such a situation, how could OnePlus take the risk of being left behind? That too when this company is known for selling only one model at a time.

The news of OnePlus 5T having Snapdragon 836 processor turned out to be a complete rumor. Because Qualcomm has not launched any such chipset till now. Snapdragon 835 processor has also been used in the new smartphone, which is the best mobile chipset to date. oneplus 3 And oneplus 3t Like, there is nothing new in terms of performance in this mid-cycle upgrade. One variant has 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage and the other variant has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

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Staying in trend, OnePlus has given a long screen. But the company has missed making a borderless phone. The edges of the front glass are curved. The borders are still clearly visible around the screen. something like this to us Oppo F5, Vivo V7 Plus And Honor 9i Has also been seen with. The interesting thing is that this phone will be available only in black color. It is possible that OnePlus may also introduce new color variants in the future, as it has done in the past also.

The 6.01-inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1080×2160 pixels. We believe this setup will become the standard at this price level. The screen is bright and vibrant. We did not face any problem during use. Interested customers will be happy to know that the Jelly Scroll effect of OnePlus 5 is not seen in OnePlus 5T.

The location of the fingerprint sensor has changed. Till now it was present below the display, but now it has moved to the rear. It’s easy to access and works fast. OnePlus has also used face recognition technology in the phone. You will be able to unlock the handset using the front camera of OnePlus 5T. It works just like Oppo F5. Takes some time to setup. But after this, unlocking the phone becomes faster and easier.

The only complaint we had with the OnePlus 5 was that the outer edges of the rear camera were getting easily scratched. It seems that this time the company has removed this shortcoming. The bulge of the camera does not look strange. Now if you look at it, iPhone 7 Plus And iPhone 8 Plus Is closer to the key design.


At the bottom, there is a USB Type-C port along with a 3.5mm audio socket and a large speaker grill. On the left side is OnePlus’ trademark OnePlus Alert slider that lets you quickly go into Do Not Disturb mode. Apart from this, the volume buttons are also on the right side. There are two nano SIM slots on the right side and the power button is also on this side. Storage can’t be expanded, so there’s no microSD card slot.

Apart from the screen, a major difference between the two flagship devices of OnePlus is the dual camera setup. The responsibility of the secondary camera present on the rear of the new smartphone is now to provide better performance in low light. You will get a 20 megapixel sensor along with 16 megapixels on the rear part. The aperture of both is F/1.7 only. In low light, the camera app will automatically switch to the secondary rear camera for better performance. Due to having two cameras, there is support for portrait mode. Only after reviewing OnePlus 5T, we will tell you in detail about its photo quality.

Talking about software, it is disappointing to know that the OnePlus 5T still runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. On top of this is the company’s own OxygenOS 4.7. The company promises that it will release an update to Android 8.0 in early 2018. OxygenOS still has a lot of customization options, yet the experience is almost like stock Android.

We will come back with a detailed review of OnePlus 5T soon. During this, we will discuss in detail about the phone’s camera, battery, screen and performance.

(It may be noted that OnePlus has borne the expenses of our correspondent’s airfare and hotel for the launch event.)

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