OMG: A 125 kg fish got caught in the fisherman’s net, then something happened that stunned everyone…

Madhubani. This world is amazing. There is nothing that doesn’t happen here. In Madhubani, a fisherman’s net caught not one or two but a fish weighing 125 kg. You can imagine what would have happened to the net and the fisherman. Read this news and enjoy it.

Fishermen in Jhanjharpur, Madhubani were catching fish as usual. Harikishore Sahni and Sudhan Sahni were going to the river canal to catch fish. Then they realized that there was some huge creature in the river. They called the group of fishermen present there. Everyone immediately came there. Everyone tried together. When they cast the net, a 125 kg fish got trapped in the river. Till the time of writing this news, the species of the fish could not be identified.

Discussion of fish in different places
The news spread like wildfire. People were curious. As soon as they heard the news, everyone ran towards the river. Along with the local people, people from nearby areas also started coming to see this fish. They started fixing bids for it according to their own wishes. But the fishermen refused to bid for it. After this, they brought the fish to Sudhan Sahni’s door. At present, the fish is lying in a bathtub at his house.

fish caught like this
When the fishermen who jumped into the river in search of fish came close to it, they felt something heavy in the water. They called more fishermen and increased their efforts to catch the fish. They were deceived at first sight. Sudhan Sahni says that it took about 10 fishermen to catch this fish. After that, it was caught in the net and taken out. When the fishermen weighed it after taking it out, it was around 125 kg.

Can’t identify the fish
The fish has not yet been identified as to which species it belongs to. Some fishermen were saying that it is a big fish of the river while some fishermen said that this fish is of a foreign species which has come here in the flow of the river.

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