Nuclear bomb attack on Mohenjo Daro according to new research big revelation from 3700 year old skeletons

Mohenjo Daro New research: Everyone must have heard about the Indus civilization, but how it was suddenly destroyed is still a mystery. Scientists constantly give new theories, but no one has concrete evidence of its destruction. It is still a subject of research for geologists. The claims made in the latest research are surprising. In fact, a conspiracy theorist has claimed that Mohenjodaro, one of the earliest cities in the world, was destroyed in a nuclear war about 3700 years ago.

Billy Carson, CEO of First Class Space Agency, has speculated about this from the presence of 3700-year-old radioactive skeletons. Billy Carson has claimed that a race of ‘alien gods’ started civilization on Earth. Aliens had genetically modified humans to believe in gods. In The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said that the skeletons found during excavations at Mohenjodaro in Pakistan had unusually high levels of radiation. This proves that a nuclear explosion took place here.

Even today dead bodies are lying on the road
Billy Carson said that the buildings of Mohenjodaro have turned into glass and the sand has turned into glass. The bodies are still lying on the road holding hands, even animals have never dug them up. All these signs are of a nuclear explosion. This city was discovered in British India in the year 1922, this reveals the thousands of years old history of India. But after independence, this area went to Pakistan.

Carson said that even after thousands of years, dead bodies are lying on the roads. The city of Mohenjodaro in Sindh province of Pakistan is considered to be the most important city of the Indus Civilization between 2500-1900 BC. According to radio carbon data, this city was deserted 3700 years ago. During the excavation, the advanced civil engineering here has been discovered. The city planning of Mohenjodaro was quite advanced.

Mohjodaro was more advanced than expected
Billy Carson said that ‘the Harappan society that inhabited this region was much more advanced than what today’s academics assume.’ He said that ‘bodies have been found sitting on the stairs outside their doors and their houses have turned into glass.’ He said that traditional archaeology has no explanation for the sudden destruction of this city. He estimates that these remains may have been formed by a temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to a nuclear explosion.

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