Nothing Phone 3 to Launch Next Year 2025 CEO Carl Pei announces

Nothing introduced the Nothing Phone (2) in July last year. Now its upgraded smartphone was expected to arrive in a few weeks. But this is not the case, as the lack of recent leaks related to the Phone (3) indicated its launch is not happening soon.

Today, Nothing’s founder and CEO Carl Pei has clearly said that the Nothing Phone (3) is going to be launched next year i.e. in 2025. Normal high-end smartphones are usually launched every year, but this one will be delayed. If you are wondering why this is happening, then you will have to wait for it.

Rather than launching the phone next month and packing in more AI features as most companies seem to be doing these days, Nothing is taking its time to redefine the user interface to offer a more personalized and dynamic user experience as AI is integrated at the system level in smartphones.

The video above has more details and includes terms like post-app world, which sounds like a similar term to AI. Pei is signaling the beginning of a move to compete with competitors by bringing more AI features to their phones. Nothing wants to move from today’s app-based world to tomorrow’s post-app world or something like that.

in any way Nothing This announcement is clearly a move on the consumer AI front, whatever that means. It can also be assumed that since the Nothing Phone (2) sold much less than expected and the Nothing Phone (2a) has proven to be much better, it did not want to take the risk of launching a Phone (3) that will perform similarly to the Phone (2) in terms of sales.

So if it comes with some great UI features, apps and more next year, the Phone (3) could be a real hit. However, this is just speculation and anything can be inferred from its unlikely announcement.

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