NEET Result 2024 Controversy Lucknow University students protest against NEET UG Result Scam 2024 ANN

NEET UG Result 2024 Controversy: NEET UG Result Came on 4th June. Voices have started rising from many places regarding the NEET result. Lucknow University student organizations have protested today against the NEET result. Lucknow University students of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and NSUI took to the streets today against the NEET result. They raised strong slogans against NTA and burnt the effigy of NTA Chairman Pradeep Kumar.

The students During the protest, many flaws were pointed out regarding the NEET result and a CBI inquiry was demanded. The students alleged that the NTA has hastily released the result on June 4, but there are many flaws in it. They alleged that there were major irregularities during the evaluation of the exam. But the NTA is not listening to the students and due to the stubborn attitude of the NTA, the future of the students is getting ruined.

A student from Lucknow accused NTA of scam

Two days ago on Saturday, a student from Lucknow has alleged on social media that she has been scammed. Aayushi Patel from Lucknow told on social media that when her result came on 4th June, her result did not open. During this time, on the website, her roll number was showing “Your result is not generated”. Initially, she thought that due to the crowd of 23 lakh children, the result may come later correctly.

NTA after 1 hour He was sent an email stating that his result cannot be generated because his OMR sheet was found damaged, after which he sent a reply to NTA again asking to show the OMR sheet. After 24 hours, he was given the OMR sheet. A sheet was found in which the girl alleged that her mark sheet was torn intentionally. When the girl checked her marks, she got 715 marks. The girl has filed a petition in the High Court regarding this matter and has demanded evaluation of the OMR, the hearing of which will be held tomorrow. It will happen on Tuesday.

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