Nasa Astronaut Sunita Williams face many problems in International Space Station superbug lurks inside the space

Astronaut Sunita Williams : Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams and her colleagues are in danger. They had successfully connected the spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) on June 6, but now Sunita and her 8 crew members are facing a new problem. There is a threat of a superbug inside the ISS. Scientists say that this is Enterobacter bugundensis, which is a very powerful bacteria. It has developed in the closed environment of the space station, which is continuously becoming powerful. The worrying thing is that even medicines are not having any effect on it. This bacteria can enter through the breath and infect the entire respiratory system.

Worries about superbugs started haunting
Indian-origin NASA employee Sunita and her colleagues arrived at the ISS on June 6 in a Boeing Starliner spacecraft. They will spend a week here. During this time, they will assist in various tests in space and conduct scientific experiments. The 7 other crew members have been living on the ISS for a long time. Usually, the concern in the space station is the debris and meteorites flying in space, but now the concern of superbugs has started bothering more.

no one’s life is easy
On the presence of superbugs in the ISS, NASA had said that many medicines do not have any effect on this bacteria named Enterobacter bugundensis, its 13 sub variants were recently isolated in the International Space Station. This bacteria is different from the one found on Earth. NASA scientist Dr. Kasturi Venkateswara has told many things about this superbug. He said that no one’s life is easy in the ISS. People present here have to face health problems, due to which their immunity starts to be less than that of the Earth. It can be said that these superbugs present in the ISS can become a big challenge. Due to which they may have to face a lot of trouble.

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