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Nainital News: The roads in the mountainous areas of Nainital have completely deteriorated. Even after accidents, people are forced to travel on dilapidated roads risking their lives. Officials and public representatives are not paying attention to this. Haidakhan-Motor Marg has been the cause of accidents for the last two years. In November 2022, this road was hit by a landslide even without rain. Landslides can occur here at any time within a radius of 380 meters.

Even after the roads are damaged, people are forced to travel risking their lives but still the officials have not paid any attention to this road even though this road is constantly inviting accidents. Let us tell you that the Kathgodam-Haidakhhan road, which is called the lifeline of 120 villages and 50 thousand population of Nainital district, is full of dangers at the landslide affected site. Thousands of people travel on this road every day risking their lives.

Problems will increase when monsoon arrives
The hill on the side of this road is covered with debris. The alignment of the road is so dangerous that the vehicle can lose control and overturn at any time. Crossing the road is also a challenge for two-wheelers. Monsoon is going to arrive soon. Then travelling on this road can be even more risky. There is a possibility of landslides here, so travelling on this road will not be free from danger in the coming days. The administration will have to do some concrete work on this road from now on, only then this road will become suitable for walking.

Till now there are some routes in Nainital where many big accidents have happened-

Bhujan-Betalghat Road
Ratighat-Betalghat Road
Shaheed Balwant Singh Motor Road
Okhaldhunga-Ramnagar Road
Betalghat-Garjia Road
Betalghat-Bhatraujkhan motor road

The major road accidents that have happened in Kumaon in the last few years are as follows

22 February 2022: 14 people were killed when a vehicle fell into a ditch near Reetha Sahib Marg in Champawat
9 July 2022: Nine people were killed when a car went out of control in the strong currents of the Dhela river.
23 March 2023: Three devotees returning from Purnagiri temple were crushed by a vehicle and died.
8 October 2023: Bus falls into ditch on Nainital-Kaladhungi road, seven passengers killed.
8 November 2023: A camper fell into a 500 meter deep ditch on Chhidakkhan-Reethasahib road. Nine people died in this.
4 December 2023: Max vehicle fell into a ditch in Betalghat, Nainital. 8 people died and 3 were injured in the accident

There are many roads here where even parapets are not present till date. There is no asphalt on the roads and these roads are the cause of accidents. Dozens of people have lost their lives on these roads. The administration should learn a lesson from the continuously increasing accidents in Kumaon and create a concrete mechanism so that accidents can be reduced. If we look at the figures of accidents in Uttarakhand till 2023, then 3403 people have lost their lives in these accidents. This figure is increasing. People are losing their lives on the roads of Uttarakhand at an average of 3 people per day. In Nainital district, between January and September in the year 2023, 154 road accidents occurred in which 83 people lost their lives and 145 people were injured. There were 1220 road accidents in Uttarakhand in 2023, in which 750 people died and 1112 people were injured.

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