Mumbai 12 year Old Specially Abled Boy Missing From Worli Home Tracked Down By QR Code Locket

Missing Boy Tracked By QR Code Locket: Due to modern technology, many things have become easy in human life. Because of technology, it has become possible to find solutions to even the most difficult problems. A 12-year-old child, who was missing from his home in Worli, Mumbai, was found after 6 hours due to technology. The child was wearing a locket with a pendant around his neck and this helped the child to meet his family.

According to a TOI report, the 12-year-old child who went missing was actually mentally weak. A 12-year-old disabled boy, who was missing from his home in Worli, was found after six hours thanks to technology. The disabled child was wearing a pendant locket which had a QR code listing his contact details.

Missing child found with QR code locket

According to the information, the disabled child had gone missing from his home in Worli on Thursday (April 11) evening and was traced in Colaba later in the evening. When the locket’s QR code was scanned, contact details emerged which helped him reconnect with his family. It is being told that the 12 year old child was playing with other children of the neighborhood when he went missing.

Police contacted the family after scanning the QR code.

Police received information about a special child wandering alone near Regal Cinema Junction, Colaba. Police officials said, “An officer looked at the locket around the boy’s neck and saw the QR code. It was scanned and we got some phone numbers from it. Then the family members were contacted and after confirming the details, the boy was handed over to his father. Was handed over.

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