MP Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 Digvijaya Singh congratulated Congress Mallikarjun Kharge

MP Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: of Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections BJP has swept Congress in this. Congress is not seen getting even a single seat from here. However, Congress veteran Digvijay Singh has congratulated Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi for the performance of Congress across the country. He has also made a big claim about BJP.

Speaking to reporters in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Singh said, “I want to congratulate Mallikarjun Kharge ji. Under his leadership, we, the Congress, have performed well and I would congratulate Rahul Gandhi that this is his effort, hard work and commitment towards his ideology, this is his victory. In any case, the BJP is not going to get a clear majority and if that happens, then internal fighting will start among them.”

Digvijay Singh, who has been constantly questioning the credibility of electronic voting machines, gave a positive response today (Tuesday). He said that if there was any fault in EVMs, such results would not have come in Uttar Pradesh. There is no fight against EVMs. We are confident that our votes will be safe in our hands. But we do not trust the software used in EVMs. He said that our struggle will continue in this regard.

In Ayodhya Ram Mandir On the question of making it an election issue, Digvijay Singh stressed that Lord Ram belongs to everyone. Singh said, “Lord Ram belongs to everyone. They (BJP) have insulted our Sanatan Dharma, because Pran Pratishtha cannot be done in an incomplete temple. This is a centuries-old tradition. People have rejected the hatred spread by them (BJP) in the name of religion.”

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