Ever since the first generation of Moto X was launched two years ago, the device has been considered Motorola’s flagship handset. The Moto However, the company got rid of the battery life problem in the next version of this device.

In 2015, the company decided to remove the Moto X brand from the flagship segment. first super flagship moto turbo was launched and recently two new Moto moto x play And moto x style were introduced. If seen, only Moto X Style can be considered as flagship category. The X Play phone is a mid range device by today’s standards. How is the performance of Moto X Play in general use? Let us know.

Design and display
The Moto X Play is another solid and good looking smartphone from Motorola’s coffers. In terms of design and layout, the company has not experimented with this handset, that is, it has relied on its traditional models only. The SIM-plus-MicroSD card tray gives a new feel. This tray has been placed on the top of the device. After taking out the tray, you will find that there is space for two Nano SIM cards on one side and for a microSD card on the other side. We liked this experiment. If you are one of those people who like to remove the microSD card again and again, then you should also be prepared to lose the network.

moto x play ndtv sim tray

The backcover can be removed. Here you will find the big battery of the phone. The absence of water resistant feature in Moto X Play is very disappointing. By the way, water repellent coating has been provided in X Play.

The Moto X Play comes with a 5.5-inch full-HD display which looks good and is bright too. There is no problem in using it even in bright light. Viewing angles are decent. We have no complaints about the screen of Moto X Play.

moto x play ndtv back display

Performance and battery life
After spending so much money, you would never want to face problems due to your smartphone during daily use. The good thing is that we did not face any problems with Moto X Play. The smartphone comes with a quad octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset and 2 GB RAM. There were no shortcomings in the unit we received for review. Games like Asphalt 8 ran smoothly.

The inbuilt storage of the review unit was 32 GB, out of which 25.45 GB of the storage can be used by the user. A 16 GB variant is also available in the market, but considering the price difference of only Rs 1,500, our suggestion would be to buy the variant with more built-in storage. Even if you don’t buy it, there is no problem, because the device also has support for microSD card (up to 128 GB). Apart from this, the option of USB OTG storage expansion is also provided.

We did not face any issue with the device overheating while playing high-end games or shooting multiple 2-3 minute videos continuously. However, the Moto X Play does get a little warm during daily use. Its level is not disturbing, but you will definitely feel it.

moto x play ndtv battery

Moto During use, we found that the battery of Moto X Play lasted for a day. By the end of the day, the battery power was also on its last breath, as happens with most smartphones. This was a bit surprising for us considering the size of the battery.

The Moto X Play’s battery gave good results in the video loop test. Let us tell you that we spent most of the time in such places where there was problem of network connectivity. In such a situation, the pressure on the battery increases. For this reason ‘Mobile Standby’ mode always consumed the most battery. We got this information from Android’s battery usage report. In areas with weak networks, call quality was worse than other smartphones. Considering the poor condition of the telecom network in the country, it is difficult to decide who is responsible for this? Phone or network.

Software and Camera
We recently reviewed the Moto G third generation smartphone and the Moto X Play’s software completely matches the company’s budget handset. If you want to know about the software features in detail then you can Moto G (Gen 3) Of review Read.

Now let’s talk about a feature which is present in Moto X Play and Moto G third gen. Actually, we did not mention it at all in the review of Moto G third generation device. We are talking about Moto Assist. This is Motorola’s offering in the world of virtual assistants. It can complete small tasks. Through this app you can change the notification settings. While driving, it can tell you the name of the caller and SMS sender. The features of this app are a bit limited, but many users will still like it.

motorola assist

Moto To overcome this shortcoming, Motorola has provided a 21-megapixel camera in the new device. And its performance is also good.

The camera of Moto X Play takes good pictures outdoors or in bright places. If you use the autofocus feature tap-to-click mode, the photos do appear slightly underexposed in some areas.

moto x play sample shot day thumb

In low light, the problem increases due to autofocus, sometimes the camera takes a lot of time and sometimes it even fails to focus. Results are better if you switch to tap-to-focus mode. Overall the performance of the rear camera is satisfactory.

moto x play sample shot low light thumb

The performance of the front camera is also satisfactory. The same can be said about the videos made with the rear camera. While panning while making a video, the Moto You can also take a photo by tapping while shooting a video. The camera app on the Moto X Play matches the Moto G Gen 3’s app perfectly. If you want to read about this in more detail then you review can read.

our decision
There’s nothing spectacular about the Moto X Play, but it does its job well enough. You will also feel the same from the rating given by us to the phone. There is no feature in the device that can be described as unique. It has a bigger battery and a better camera, the performance of both is also good. But it is not so great that we call this device the best in its price range. The good thing is that the phone is not too weak in any department.

Moto X Play is not so great that you should choose it instead of flagship smartphones of other companies. But it is also true that this is not even a flagship device. This responsibility lies on the shoulders of Moto X Style. On paper, Moto X Play smartphone u eureka plus ,review) and is half the price of the U device. But we also cannot ignore the complaints regarding the service of U brand. Apart from this we have also said earlier that Performance is more important than specification,

Motorola’s record in terms of support and software updates is better than many companies. That’s why the company’s eyes are on Moto X Play. oneplus 2 ,review) is on the smartphone. If you are confused between these two devices then our suggestion would be Moto X Play. You can buy it easily and it will cost less money also.

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