Moto G Turbo Edition review

Motorola made a great comeback in India last year with the first generation Moto G handset. This smartphone soon became the first choice in terms of ‘value for money’. There is confusion in the market after the launch of three generation devices of this handset. There are many options available to the user. The credit for this goes to Chinese companies. Moto G handsets definitely lag behind in terms of specifications in the sub-Rs 15,000 range, but its brand value attracts consumers again and again.

To stay ahead of the competition, Motorola has introduced Moto G Turbo Edition. It will be considered an upgrade to Moto G (Gen 3). The changes are not revolutionary. Motorola TurboPower feature has also been included along with upgrades in processor, RAM and storage.

moto g turbo edition It will be compared to the Moto G (Gen 3) in every way, except the price. We are very curious to know how effective this strategy of the company will prove to be.

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Look and Design
In terms of design profile, there is nothing new in Moto G Turbo Edition. The weight and dimensions of the previous generation device and the latest handset are the same. The handset we received for review had a black front panel and a grey-blue rear panel. The rear part has a rubber finish which gives a strong grip to the hands. It is clear that this is the most attractive and robustly built handset available in this price range.

The panel ensures that the Moto G maintains its IP67 certification mark. Rubber has also been used on the inside which works to seal the micro-SIM and microSD slots. Whenever you remove the panel, an alert appears on the screen to reinstall the panel correctly.

The Moto G (Gen 3) is the only waterproof handset, while the Turbo Edition also has dust protection. It has been claimed about both the smartphones that nothing will happen if they are kept in fresh water at a depth of three feet for 30 minutes. This does not mean that you should do the same.

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Curved back has become a hallmark of Motorola’s style these days. For this reason it becomes easier to use the phone with one hand. It is a bit heavy, 155 grams. A plate has been given below the camera on the rear panel for beauty. This will draw your attention knowingly or unknowingly.

The ear piece and mic grill present on the front panel are present with a bulge. Both give the impression of being stereo loudspeakers, while the grille at the bottom plays this role. The power button is on the right side. Volume rockers are present below this. There is a second mic next to the audio socket on the top. There are also micro-USB ports on the top.

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Moto G Turbo Edition supports quick charging. It has been named Turbopower. Motorola says that after just 15 minutes of charging, this handset will last for 6 hours. The charger supplied with the handset is larger than expected. It gives an output of 12 volts. The only complaint we have is that it comes with a fixed USB cable, meaning you will have to arrange for a separate cable for data transfer. Interestingly, Motorola’s website and promo material featured a detachable USB cable.

Specifications and Software
There are two variants of Moto G (Gen 3). You can choose between 1GB RAM-8GB storage and 2GB RAM-16GB storage. Whereas, Moto Turbo is available in only one variant (2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage). It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset. Adreno 405 GPU is integrated for graphics. Storage can also be expanded with a microSD card up to 32 GB.

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The screen is 5 inches with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. Today, there are handsets with higher resolution available in this price range. There is protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top of it. It also has a 2470 mAh battery. The rear camera has a 13-megapixel sensor along with dual-LED flash. With the rear camera you will be able to record videos of 1080 pixels. A 5 megapixel camera has been provided for selfie. Both SIM slots support LTE.

The biggest feature of every Motorola handset is its stock Android experience. The UI of Moto G Turbo Edition has also not been customized much. You will get Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and there is also information about getting an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the future. Some changes have also been made. The most important among these is the Moto Display feature. Whenever the handset detects motion, the screen will automatically start showing notifications.

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Some shortcuts have also been provided, like if you keep the handset in your hands and rotate your wrist twice, the camera app will automatically launch. Or by shaking the handset sideways twice, the torch will turn on directly. These are useful features, but there is no fix for them. Users can perform these actions knowingly or unknowingly and they also know how to turn off these features.

The photo size is fixed at 9.7 megapixels by default, which is a bit irritating. As soon as you tap on the video camera icon it starts recording video which is a good thing.

Motorola seems to lag behind in terms of screen resolution. For many people, a 720 pixel screen is not enough. Viewing angles are good, but overall the screen is a bit dull compared to its rivals. The sound is loud and clear most of the time. The experience of playing games and watching videos on this smartphone was great. We are also happy that the screen did not get too hot during this period.

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Photos taken outdoors in daylight came out with a very warm color cast. We weren’t too satisfied with the reproduction, sharpness was generally good. Photos taken in low light were good, especially for a handset in this price range.

The phone’s battery performance surprised us in the video loop test. It lasted for 7 hours 36 minutes while the Moto G (Gen 3)’s battery lasted longer in the same test. It is possible that this may have happened due to changes made in the hardware. However, there are no complaints about the battery during normal use. The battery lasted comfortably for a day. The quick charging feature is fun. However, carrying the phone charger everywhere can be a hassle.

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our decision
Since Moto G (Gen 3), many affordable handsets have been launched in India. Some of these are equipped with full-HD screen, 3 GB RAM, fingerprint sensor. Motorola’s owner company Lenovo also sells its Vibe S1 handset with better specifications for just Rs 1,500 extra. If Lenovo discontinues its Vibe line of handsets and gives that space to Motorola, then better specifications can be expected in the coming days.

We were impressed by the Moto G (Gen 3) in terms of experience. Knowing that in terms of specifications it was very weak compared to its competitors. The new Moto G Turbo Edition is a little better than this, but it’s not enough to take Motorola to the forefront. With its help, Motorola can remain competitive, nothing more.

Waterproof feature and stock Android are two important reasons why users choose Motorola. Quick charging is like value addition. We believe that purchasing the Moto G Turbo Edition will be a safe and wise decision. It will not let you down.

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