Mother seen roaming romantically with son, made a video while clinging to him, people got angry and said- arrest him immediately!

The relationship between mother and son is considered to be the most special, sacred and respectable in this world. But some people keep maligning this relationship just to go viral on social media. Many videos of a mother and son keep going viral, in which both are seen in a romantic style. This woman calls herself Santoor Mom. But her videos (Mother son viral video) seem so bad to many people that people get angry after watching them. Recently, the woman made another video with her son, in which both are seen roaming together in a romantic style. Seeing these, people get so angry that they even start demanding arrest.

More than 4 lakh people follow Instagram user Rachna (@santoormomrachna). Her videos go viral. But everyone trolls her in the comments and there is hardly anyone who praises her videos (Mother son performs on romantic song). In these videos, she is mostly seen with her son. Seeing both of them, people assume them to be lovers.

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