Mohammed Muizzu received praise from former President of Maldives for attending PM Modi Oath Ceremony

Mohammed Muizzu: Mohammed Muizzu has received support from his biggest opponent for attending PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony. Former Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed said, ‘His party Democrats supports Mohammed Muizzu in view of the current prospects of India-Maldives relations.’ Muizzu had reached New Delhi on 9 June to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister of India.

After becoming the President, Mohammad Muizzu visited India for the first time. After Muizzu became the President, relations between India and Maldives had soured, but now after Muizzu’s visit to Delhi, the buzz about new relations has once again intensified. Maldives media portal Sun quoted Mohammad Nasheed as saying that changing the country’s foreign policy in every election is a big loss for the people of Maldives.

Praise of Muizzu in Maldives
Mohammed Nasheed’s comment has come at a time when India-Maldives relations seem to be improving. Nasheed has welcomed Mohammed Muizzu’s participation in the swearing-in ceremony of the Indian Prime Minister. He has congratulated President Mohammed Muizzu and Prime Minister Modi for their patience and foresight on the social media platform X. He has described Muizzu’s decision as having the potential to improve Maldives’ foreign policy towards India. Along with this, analysts are now keeping an eye on how Maldives’ relations will be with China.

India-Maldives had better relations during Nasheed’s time
Mohammed Nasheed said, the people of Maldives are very happy that their President was present in New Delhi to witness the historic swearing-in ceremony of India’s PM Modi. Nasheed had strongly opposed Mohammed Muizzu’s ‘India Out Campaign’ while in the opposition. He had described Muizzu’s move as spreading hatred against India among the people of Maldives. In fact, Mohammed Nasheed, who was the President of Maldives between 2008 and 2012, had maintained deep relations with India.

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