Mohamed Muizzu will attend Modi swearing ceremony Maldives has a big opportunity to improve relations with India

India-Maldives Relations: happened in india Lok Sabha Elections NDA has once again got majority in the Lok Sabha, but BJP alone has failed to cross the majority mark. With the support of NDA, Narendra Modi is going to become the Prime Minister of the country once again. Neighboring countries of India have been invited for PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony on 9 June. The special thing in this is that Maldives has also been invited, whereas tension has been going on between Maldives and India for a long time.

Leaders of India’s neighbouring countries – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Sri Lanka have been invited for the swearing-in ceremony, this is being seen as a sign of cooperation with the countries of the Indian Ocean. On the other hand, Maldives President Mohammad Muizzu ran an India Out campaign to come to power and sent back Indian soldiers after coming to power.

Maldives was not invited in the year 2019
Maldives’ relations with China are now deepening, which is going to cause tension for India. Apart from this, in January, Maldives ministers met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Maldives had used derogatory words for India. Now by inviting Mohammad Muizzu of India, India has once again given an opportunity to improve relations. Earlier, Maldives was invited in 2014, when the then President of Maldives Abdulla Yameen had come to India. Maldives was not invited to the swearing-in ceremony in 2019.

Modi called the leaders of neighboring countries
It is being told that on Wednesday, PM Modi made separate calls to the leaders of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Mauritius and invited them to attend the swearing-in ceremony. Apart from this, invitation letters were sent to all the seven countries on Thursday. This is being seen as a move to build closer relations and increase cooperation with the island countries in the Indian Ocean region.

Mohammad Muizzu will come to India
The decision to invite Mohammed Muizzu sends a message that India wants to continue relations and cooperation with Maldives. Muizzu confirmed accepting the invitation late on Thursday night. Maldivian officials said that Mohammed Muizzu and Foreign Minister Musa Jameer will attend the swearing-in ceremony. They will be accompanied by three members of his cabinet. This will be Muizzu’s first visit to India after coming to power in Maldives. Muizzu has previously visited China and Turkey.

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