PM Modi Inaugurating The New Parliament Building

On 28th May, Sunday, Prime Minister Modi is set to inaugurate the new Parliament building in New Delhi. Fifteen parties, mostly affiliated with BJP, are invited to the inauguration ceremony. The prime minister will inaugurate after being invited by the Lok Sabha speaker, Om Birla.

However, the inauguration has caused chaos in the state as 20 opposition parties are planning to boycott the inauguration.

This riff was created after Modi announced the inauguration of the building.  However, The opposition believes the building’s righteous inaugurator is President Draupadi Murmu.

Why Draupadi Murmu?

According to the Constitution of India, the President is a nominal head of state, and all the ability is in the hands of the prime minister of India. But the President is still India’s first citizen and can dissolve the Lok Sabha.

Many regional and national parties believe that Modi has taken yet again a self-obsessed move. A joint statement was released by 20 opposition parties accusing Modi of sidelining India’s first tribal woman President.

The plea also stated that the president is an essential part of the Parliament. And the President not being invited to the ceremony is an improper decision of the government. The list includes Congress, AAP, TMC, and IMIM.

Supreme Court lawyer CR Jjaya Suri also submitted a public interest litigation (PIL)  in the Supreme Court to hand over the inauguration to the President of India. CR Jaya started this activity by the government “violated the Constitution of India.”

According to Supriya Shrinath, a Congress party spokesperson, Prime Minister Modi does not have the right to inaugurate the building and is killing democracy daily by taking such steps.

Significance of the inauguration

The inauguration of the building is going to take place after two days of Modi’s government being in power for nine years. This installation is also taking place before the crucial elections of May.

All you need to know about the new Parliament Building of India

The Parliament was initiated under the name of the Central Vista Project. The foundation of the Project took place in December 2020. The new building is part of a 2.8 billion dollar venture, including revamping the British-era building in New Delhi.

Estimated 120 million dollars were spent on the new four-storey Parliament building, the residence of the Prime Minister and vice president and ten blocks of facilities, including new departments. In addition, the lower house, also known as Lok Sabha, now has increased seating capacity for its 888 members.

How Project Central Vista was part of news headlines since day 1?

Project Vista’s construction began in the summer of 2021. This time the state was in shambles as India was facing the second wave of covid. The opposition heavily criticised the government for starting the construction.

Supriya Shrinath, the congress spokesperson, stated that Prime Minister Modi launched this Project and prioritised it over people’s suffering. An estimated 5,31843 people died in India during the pandemic.

The Project was also constantly condemned as it unfailingly sidelined many government environmental policies. In addition, this Project was also accused of damaging heritage buildings of New Delhi.

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