Micromax’s Yu Yureka Plus Review in Hindi, Review of Yu Yureka Plus

In the beginning of 2015, Micromax launched the Yu brand and also smartphones. Although these devices are only available online, but they come with excellent specifications at low prices. Till now, Yu has been using the CyanogenMod operating system in his devices relying on its customization features. eureka (Yureka) and euphoria (Yuphoria), both handsets offer customization options and great specifications at a low price. Both the devices have received tremendous success so far.

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Yu is the third product of the brand eureka plus (Yureka Plus). Its price is Rs 9,999 which is Rs 1,000 more than Yureka. To justify this increase, the specifications of the device have also been improved. The big changes are the full-HD screen and the new camera sensor. We will tell you in detail what is special in Yureka Plus.


Look and Design
Yureka Plus The handset looks and feels similar to its older version Yu Yureka when held in hands. If both the devices are placed side by side, it will be difficult to tell the difference. No harm in that because we liked the design of Yureka. The phone looks beautiful and feels good in the hands.

The primary SIM and microSD slot can be accessed only after removing the battery. There is no need to do this to use another SIM slot. There is a circle in the front panel which points towards the home button. Whenever the screen turns on, three soft keys light up.

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The screen of the new device is full-HD. Today, having a 1080p screen in a smartphone priced below Rs 10,000 is not an impossible thing. Yu has also cleverly provided a full-HD screen in its latest device which adds to the value. The screen is sharp. Although its brightness is good inside the house, it becomes a little weak once you go outside. Still, it is much better than the screens of other smartphones in this price range.

Specifications and Software
Yureka Plus It has Snapdragon 615 processor with 16GB of inbuilt storage and 2GB of RAM. Apart from this, the device supports 4G and also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity features. By the way, Yu Yureka was also launched with these features, which was a big thing for a smartphone of this range. But today most of the devices are coming with similar specifications. Still, with such great specifications and at such a reasonable price, it will retain its importance in the market for a long time.

Yu has shown confidence in Cyanogen 12 OS for Yureka Plus which is based on Android 5.0.2. We’re fans of this operating system because it has so many customization options that let you set up your phone exactly how you want it. It is a very fast and smoothly working system which makes the experience of using it good.


The preloaded apps on the device are also useful. AudioFX is an audio equalizer and controller, while Screencast lets you record video of your phone’s screen.

The second major change from Yureka to Yureka Plus is the camera sensor. The Yureka used the older Sony IMX135 sensor, while the Yureka Plus used the newer IMX214 sensor. Although both the devices have 13 megapixel sensors, better photography and videography can be expected thanks to IMX214. It also includes support for HDR photos and videos.

Yureka Plus camera is good. It takes detailed and sharp pictures. The colors are quite vibrant. To find the flaws in the photos, you will have to zoom in on them and view them on your desktop. However, in low light the reduction in quality of photos is clearly visible. Dark zones of the image appear more blurry.


The results in HDR mode were excellent. We generally preferred shooting in HDR mode as the effect was subtle but noticeable to the eye. The videos were generally good and so were the close up shots. Barring the low-light issue, the camera on the Yureka Plus is better than the older handset.

The camera app is user friendly. The Settings icon took up a small portion of the screen. There are buttons for video, photo and panorama shot. There is also a flash selector. Its design is excellent, due to which the camera becomes easy to use.


In terms of performance, Yu Yureka Plus looks to be a capable device. The reason for this is the powerful processor, strong specifications and excellent operating system in the handset. Our test videos loaded smoothly on the smartphone and played without any issues. The phone ran quite smooth while using apps and games. The graphics did get slow at times.

The device achieved scores of 34,457 and 24,116 on AnTuTu and Quadrant benchmark tests respectively, while the scores in GFXBench and 3DMark stood at 14fps and 5,477 respectively. These figures confirm that the performance of Yureka Plus is good. That means value for money.

Call and speaker quality were fine. There was no such major problem in the network also. Despite having a high-resolution screen, the Yureka Plus’ battery lasted 10 hours and 5 minutes in the video loop test. On normal use the battery will easily last for 1 day.


our decision
When Yu Yureka was launched, it was a revolutionary attempt in a particular segment. This device showed us what a budget smartphone can do. Price war started with its launch. The consumer benefited from this. This device also showed how important it is to have a good operating system in any smartphone. Now through Yu Yureka Plus, the company has tried to capitalize again on all the best qualities of its old handset. Some changes have also been made to make the device look new. If you are thinking of buying a smartphone in the range of Rs 10,000, then you can trust Yu Yureka Plus.

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