Mexico president election close fight between two female candidates for presidential election in Mexico

Mexico Elections: The people of Mexico are electing a female president for possibly the first time in the history of the country. Experts are making predictions after voting in Mexico on Sunday, as this time there is a fight between a total of three candidates in Mexico. Two of the three candidates are women, one of them is a former academician who has promised to carry forward the populist policies of the current leader. The second female candidate is a former senator and tech entrepreneur, she has promised to deal with gangs involved in drug trafficking.

Election experts believe that the real fight in Mexico is between the two female candidates. One of them is expected to be elected president. The third candidate Jorge Alvarez Menez is said to be far behind. The outgoing president of the country is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. There are about 10 crore registered voters in the country to elect a new president. The entire fight is believed to be between female candidates Claudia Sheinbaum and Xochitl Galvez Ruiz.

Sheinbaum appeared satisfied
The voting process started in Mexico at 8 am local time, after which long queues were seen at the polling stations. Female candidate Sheinbaum, who left home to vote, while talking to journalists from the car window, said that this was a historic day for her. During this time Sheinbaum was feeling very satisfied. Sheinbaum is a physicist and has also been the former mayor of Mexico City. She said in a live broadcast on TV, ‘Everyone should come out of the house to vote.’

The President took a photo
Outgoing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is said to be Sheinbaum’s mentor, greeted his supporters before voting. He came out of the Presidential Palace to cast his vote with his wife Beatriz Gutierrez Muller and posed for a photo. Sheinbaum is a member of the Morena party and has promised to carry forward Andres Manuel’s policies. On the other hand, Xochitl Galvez Ruiz has been an MP and is a businesswoman.

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