Mexico election Result Claudia Sheinbaum creates history in Mexico became first woman President in country

Mexico Election Results: Climate scientist Claudia Sheinbaum has created history by winning a big victory in the Mexican elections. Sheinbaum has achieved the distinction of becoming the country’s first woman president by winning the Mexican elections. 61-year-old Sheinbaum has set a record for winning with the highest percentage of votes in the history of Mexican democracy.

Claudia Sheinbaum got 58.8 percent votes after 82 percent votes were counted in the Mexican presidential election. Sheinbaum has previously been the mayor of Mexico City. After achieving a big victory, Sheinbaum has thanked the public. Sheinbaum said, ‘I will become the first woman president in the history of the Republic of Mexico. We have won in a diverse democracy. We have to move forward with goodwill to build a fair and prosperous Mexico.’

Sheinbaum expressed gratitude to the current President
Sheinbaum was part of the group of United Nations climate scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007. During the victory speech, Sheinbaum thanked the current President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and described him as an extraordinary and unique personality. Sheinbaum said Lopez has done a lot for the betterment of Mexico.

There was a fight between these three candidates
The Mexican election was considered to be a contest between three candidates, of which experts had predicted a close contest between two female candidates. Experts had said that Sheinbaum has promised to carry forward the populist policies of the current leader Lopez. Claudia Sheinbaum was considered to be in a contest with former senator Xochitl Galvez Ruiz. For now, Sheinbaum has won. The third candidate Jorge Alvarez Menez lagged far behind.

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