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Mau Murder Case: Today, a case of a criminal surrendering in a unique manner has come to light in Mau district of Uttar Pradesh. It is known that two and a half years ago, Sonu Sahni, a resident of Bhiti in the city, lived with his family. When Sonu’s son fell ill, he got involved in exorcism, after which he was told that a woman from his family has done some black magic, after which Sonu, suspecting his sister-in-law Atwari, hit her on the head with a Musar (thick stick), after which Sonu was continuously absconding.

In this case, his wife Nisha Sahni was also made an accused, after which the accused’s father Yamuna Ram Sahni filed a case against his younger son and daughter-in-law in the city police station for murdering his elder daughter-in-law Atwari Sahni, after which Sonu was absconding. Sources say that Nisha works in the railway department. When the police started pressuring the accused Nisha by citing her job, today she surrendered in a unique manner in the city police station by putting up a placard.

Why did you kill your sister-in-law?

After surrendering, the accused said that he is not afraid of life anymore. I will appeal to the judge to hang me, which was my wish. I have carried out that incident. Bhabhi had made my child mentally insane, after which I got angry that when my son is not fine then why should I let Bhabhi live. After that I killed Bhabhi and went to the police station to surrender. When asked at the police station, the accused told that I was living in Gujarat for two and a half years, after which the police started harassing the family, then he changed his mood and decided to surrender and today he has surrendered at the police station.

This accused has surrendered himself at Kotwali police station today by putting a plaque around his neck and confessing his crimes and knowing that he is absconding and that the police is searching for him. He was absconding since two and a half years. There was also a reward of ₹25000 on him. He is accused of murdering his sister-in-law.

(Report by Praveen Rai)

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