Maldives president Mohamed Muizzu says Congrats PM Modi After Lok Sabha election results Indian users gave answers

Lok Sabha Elections Result 2024: running in india Lok Sabha Elections After the results have been declared, Maldives President Mohammad Muizzu has congratulated India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though congratulatory messages are coming from all over the world, Muizzu’s congratulatory message is special because Muizzu had run an Out India campaign in Maldives to win the election. Now X users are responding to Muizzu’s congratulatory tweet.

Maldives President Mohammad Muizzu tweeted, ‘Prime Minister on success for a third consecutive term in the 2024 Indian General Election Narendra ModiCongratulations to the BJP and the BJP-led NDA. I look forward to working together to advance the common interests of both countries. We are in pursuit of shared prosperity and stability for both countries.

Question on India Out campaign
Responding to Muizzu’s congratulatory message, a user wrote, ‘They have two types of friendship, one like China and the other like India and Russia. India will always stand for true friends, but if you stab in the back, your bad luck will definitely haunt you. Along with this, people are sharing the photo of ‘India Out Campaign’.

Another user on the X platform wrote, ‘We don’t need your friendship, for mutual benefit please clarify that this is all about the Chinese agenda, which you want India to comply with.’ Apart from all this, another user wrote, ‘We have nothing to do with your country. Anyway, you don’t exist for us. Keep your thanks to yourself, we don’t need vultures around us.’

Muizzu understands common interests
Another user tagged Maldives media channel Dhiyavaru News and wrote, ‘Muizzu’s foreign policy advisor Naseer could have done a better job. He says, ‘Let things remain as they are and move forward in a proper way.’ Now Muizzu seems to have some common interests with Modi.

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