Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu bans Israeli passport holders citizen over Israel Gaza War

Maldives Israel Ban : There was a lot of activity in the office of Maldives President Mohammad Muizzu on Sunday. Emergency meetings were called one after the other. After this, Maldives, which works at the behest of China, made a big announcement, which is going to have a big impact. At first it seemed that Maldives was going to take some big decisions regarding India, but later Maldives has announced that it will now ban the entry of Israeli citizens. This is being done in protest against the attacks in Gaza. The Muizzu government will now also change the law to ban those with Israeli passports. According to the news of Sun MV, Maldives has taken this decision after seeing the growing anger among the people regarding the rapid attacks on Gaza. Home Minister Ali Ihusan announced this after a meeting in President Muizzu’s office on Sunday. He said that the cabinet decided to change the law to ban those with Israeli passports from entering Maldives. For this, the cabinet has also formed a special committee of ministers, which will work on it fast.

Maldives took another decision to help Palestine
Countries around the world are protesting against the Israel-Gaza war. Some are supporting Israel, while others are supporting Gaza. Due to this war, Israel is also facing problems from the International Court of Justice. Now Maldives is also taking action against Israel. More than 10 lakh people visit Maldives every year. These include about 15,000 tourists from Israel. The Maldives cabinet has also appointed a special envoy to identify the areas where Palestine needs help from Maldives. At the same time, Qatar, America and Egypt have also appealed to stop the war between Hamas and Israel. These three countries said that Israel and Hamas should negotiate for a ceasefire in Gaza and release of hostages.

Another Palestinian died in the firing
At the same time, another Palestinian boy died in the Israeli attack. According to the news agency Xinhua, the Israeli army raided a camp in the West Bank. In this, two people were shot near the western cemetery. Later, the body of a 15-year-old boy was found at the southern checkpoint. At the same time, one person was also injured in the firing.

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