maldives india relations China can send its army to fly Indian planes in Maldives

Maldives India Relations: The Indian Army withdrew from Maldives and people started making fun of it. Actually, Maldives has issued a statement after the withdrawal of Indian troops. Maldives has admitted that its troops do not have the capability to fly the 3 aircraft given by India. They do not have any soldiers who can operate these planes. This news was also published in the local media on Sunday quoting Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon.

China may try to enter
Maumoon says that Maldivian soldiers had started training in flying planes, but they could not complete it and now the situation is that there is not even a single soldier of theirs who can operate the planes given by India. Could. After this news, Maldives is being ridiculed, but it can also become a threat to India, because at present the relations between Maldives and China are very strong. After becoming President, Mohammad Muizzu has also given many big tenders to Chinese companies. China’s spy ship is also repeatedly trying to enter Maldives. If Maldives does not get soldiers to blow up Indian ships at present, then it is possible that China may send its army.

If this happens then there will be danger for India
Some experts believe that China is also planning to send its army to Maldives, but till now no such news has come from both the countries. Actually, the main reason for the stay of Indian soldiers in Maldives was to give training to the army there in flying aircraft. India had given 2 helicopters of HAL to Maldives during the governments of former Presidents Mohammad Nasheed and Abdulla Yameen. At the same time, the Dornier aircraft was received by Maldives from India during the government of former President Ibrahim Solih. The Maldives government said that 89 Indian soldiers were present in the country. On May 10, the Ministry of External Affairs had confirmed that Indian soldiers have returned from Maldives and technical experts have been appointed in their place. Immediately after coming to power, pro-China President Muizzu had asked India to withdraw its army. During the presidential election campaign in November, Muizzu had promised the people that he would die only by sending Indian troops from the island country and he did just that.

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