Maldives Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon said Maldives pilots not capable to operate Indian helicopters. India-Maldives Tension: Muizzu government scared as soon as Indian soldiers return, Defense Minister said

India-Maldives: Mohammad Muizzoo seems stranded after the withdrawal of Indian soldiers from Maldives. Now people of his own government are exposing Muizzu. Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon of the Muizzu government has said that they do not have capable pilots who can operate the planes given by India. Recently all 76 Indian military officers have returned from Maldives, after which there are no pilots to fly planes in Maldives.

Actually, both the countries had decided that all Indian soldiers would return from Maldives by May 10. Under this, the last batch of Indian soldiers returned on 9 May. Since then, new figures and new statements are coming out from Maldives. The Defense Minister of Maldives shared information on the question related to the operation of two helicopters and Dornier aircraft donated by India to Maldives. Ghassan Maumoon was answering the questions of journalists in a press conference held at the President’s Office on Saturday.

Maldivian soldiers were given training
Answering a journalist’s question, Maumoon said, ‘Maldives National Defense Force does not have a single soldier who can fly the planes given by India.’ During this, he told that under the agreements of the previous government, some soldiers were given flying training, but it could not be completed.

Maldives soldiers will not be able to fly Indian aircraft
Adhaadhoo News quoted Ghassan as saying, ‘The soldiers had to go through many stages to fly Indian planes, but the Maldivian soldiers failed to take the training due to some reasons. In such a situation, there is not a pilot who can fly the Indian helicopter or Dornier aircraft. Maldivian soldiers neither have the license nor the training to fly these planes.

Indian doctors are posted in Maldives
In fact, ever since Mohammed Muizzu came to power in Maldives, the relations between India and Maldives are continuously deteriorating. As per the pre-conditions, 76 Indian soldiers deployed in Maldives have returned to their country. At present, Adhadhu had said in a report on Saturday that Indian military doctors are posted in Senhiya Military Hospital since 2012 till now, the Muizzu government has no intention of removing them.

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