Maldives Defence Minister Ghassan Maumoon and China Ambassador Wang Lixin discuss further defence ties

Maldives India Relations : After taking oath, the President of Maldives sent Indian soldiers back from his country to India, since then there is a state of tension in the relations between India and Maldives. At the same time, China also keeps interfering in the internal policy of Maldives. In between, there was also news that China is sending its spy ship to Maldives. Now there is also news that China and Maldives are making a new plan together. Regarding this, Maldives also held a meeting on Monday to strengthen its military relations with China. In this, Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon and Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin discussed the security department between the two countries.

In fact, after the relations with India deteriorated, the Muizzu government is strengthening its friendship with China. Due to this, it is also facing criticism from opposition countries. Because a Chinese spy ship, which many countries did not allow to stop on their coast, spent a month near the exclusive economic zone of Maldives. Due to this, its relations with many countries deteriorated. Muizzu had earlier said that under the agreement, China would supply military equipment and train soldiers. Apart from this, he did not give any information.

Maldives is flying Indian helicopters
Maldives is operating the HAL helicopters given by the Indian government. The 2 helicopters given to Maldives as a gift are manned by soldiers of the Maldives National Defense Force. According to Maldives media, a soldier of the Maldives National Defense Force is present on the helicopters when they are flown. Let us tell you that by the deadline of May 10, Maldives had sent back the Indian soldiers. After this, news also came that Maldives does not have any suitable soldier to fly the helicopters.

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